Indian Politicians Love Elections over Corona Virus Spread

Even though India has successfully failed in controlling and fighting against corona spread, politicians in India want to conduct elections. Covid-19 or You call Corona Virus was a pure example how well and uncap-able are the Indians in maintaining a Nation. You can see into history of India it never happened. Indians were never left helpless in any circumstances. Today every one in INDIA is suffering. People don't have business to earn, employees are loosing jobs daily . And more over Only MNC or Corporate Giants still looting away money. We wish to see people like Azim Pemji ( WIPRO ) kind of people to come forward. Please Help Indians in financial and economic policies so that public can live life safety with economic freedom. We see Governments are encouraging only corp orates who are just 6% of the Population and around 10% their allies, You help is more needed and expected by rest 84% Citizens of the Country.

In the past almost 75 years India have never seen so desperate Politicians for Power. Still the question remains are they justifying their Victory and Trust. The Answer is Zero, India is Still a developing country, No Jobs, No Business with No Support from Government and Uncontrolled Crime Rate in India. The Indians are considered as intelligent across the globe. In India Indians are considered as fools. And Still the Indian public never demands for safety , civil infra, civic sense and many other things in India. Indian really need a face-lift. We all have trusted politicians dialogues for the last item. No More Use Less Statements. We What Progress and we want to see India as a TOP Nation in the World.


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