Builder BakaSur @ Bengaluru

Builders in Bangalore or you call as Bengaluru City in the South India have become like Bakasur.

They are eating away all earnings of middle income group people and they are not even justifying the money paid to Builders. Hardly Builder spends upto 1400-1500 Rs INR Per SFT and they sells the properties at 4500 to 6000 Rs Per SFT. You can see they always keep 300% to 400% Profits. And IF you look into 5-7 Laks Rupees INR Costing Car Companies are following many 100's or Rules and Regulations. But Builders are not following any safety standards to Laborers and Builders doesn't pay to Vendors. Builders even don't provide common facilities like club house and minimum amenities promised still they charge Maintenance Charges. Builders are looting Public, Builders are Looting Vendors, Builders are Looting Governments also they don't Pay taxes. Builders don't invest any money at all. Initially they Just pay nominal advance to Land Lord. They collect Advance from Buyers, They construct on Credit Supplies from Vendors minimum 45 days to 180 days( In Some cases years also ). Then they will collect 100% Banl Loan and deliver you a Dirty Construction which cost you only 1200 to 1500 INR Per SFT.

They eat away your 300% to 400% More on actual cost and RUN AWAY from that project to destroy Mother Earth at some Other Place in the name of NEW PROJECT. So I appeal to all People Don't Buy Flats from Builders. Buy the Land from BDA only and Construct on your own, you will save Lot of Money. Keep in Mind Home Loan also is a BURDEN on YOU. You actually don't own the FLAT, you just Posses. If you need original feed back about any project and any builder in Bengaluru we can help you . Reach me at


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